The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (with Audio) App Reviews

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Best audio book app ever

Not only is "the power of now" the most important book I have ever read but this app made it so easy to maneuver being an audiobook as well as the written text. This was a well thought out and well executed app. And the contents of the book is just incredible, beyond words.

Life Changing

I am privileged to be able to write a review of the magnificence that is pouring out of a person who knew it must be shared with those ready to receive it. A treasure for those seeking truth. A guide to true inner peace. A gateway to illumination. THANK YOU!

Either fix it or I want my money back

The audio doesnt get passed the first couple of minutes, the book is stuck on the first page. And the app support website is under construction!!! How did the appstore approve this scam?! Either refund my money or fix the app ASAP!

Something wrong with this app

I paid for this app expecting a high quality app and got something that is lower quality than some of the ones Ive tried for free. The narration is only a few minutes of the beginning of each chapter. If this is supposed to be audio and text then there is something missing.

Rip off

This does not work on my iPad. Have to hunt down an address for them on the internet and still no response.

Power of now audio


Audio is broken

Im annoyed that I PURCHASED this application. I bought it to listen to the audio on the train but its completely faulty. Its not in sequence and simply does not work. It baffles me that the creators of this application didnt make sure that everything was working properly. Bad Form. Do Not buy! Ekhart Tolle would not be pleased. I would have given zero stars had there been an option.

Audio does not work

Its annoying when u buy an audio book for 10$ and does not work! I have tried to contact apple not getting refund or answer Rate zero

Audio not working!

Only plays a few minutes of the first chapters

Not happy

Audio only plays first couple minutes of each chapter! Waste of money!!

Audio does not work!

What a waste of money. I only purchased this for the audio component - and it doesnt even have complete audio recordings of the book. We need to demand our money back. Total scam.

I should have read the reviews!

Waste of money. The audio will not play at all...which is why I bought it. Will contact apple to see if I can get my money back. I would have given 0 stars if allowed. Dont spend your money until they get this fixed!

No audio

I bought this app because a friend if mine bought the CD. She let me borrow it and loved it. When I found the app for $30 cheaper I though I was getting a deal. I was wrong, the audio descent work at all. Thats the whole reason I bought it. Waste of time and money. Dont buy this app. The company should fix this problem if they are going to make audio a part of the app. I think thats only fair.

Please help fix this

I hope some one out there can fix the audio on this. I did pay extra for it for driving and wasted money. Im excited to read the book, but would really like to see this issue fixed.

Terrible app


I was robbed

Audio does not work, called apple for assistant no help from them. There is no support center for this app either. When u press on support u get" website under construction" at this I am starting to thing this app is a scam to take peoples money. Apple need to do little more research before allowing any one use their device as a platform for scamming people who simply wanted to be more spiritual. Very disappointing

It wont let me listen to the audio book

It keeps telling to check my Internet my Internet connection is great

Not happy with app no audio

I bought this app mainly for the audio and it does not work! Does anyone know how to get refunded?


I feel like I just got money stolen. This app is totally broken. It only plays 1-2 min per chapter of a 7 hr audio book. I want my money back!


The audio chapters are incomplete it says 30 minutes or so but only last 3 minutes aprox each chapter is somenthing wrong.fix it please.

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